Solvent Extraction Plant Technology and Equipments

Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant: Rice bran oil is the oil extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice. It is notable for its very high smoke point of 490 掳F (254 掳C). The rice bran solvent extraction plant starts with raw material preparation. Rice bran is first screened.

The production line of rice bran oil extraction machine is a type of safe and technology advanced oil processing craft on basis of chemical extraction theory. 90% oil processing amount of developed countries use oil extraction process. Features of rice bran oil extraction equipments:

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The oxidative stability of rice bran oil was equivalent to or better than soybean, corn, canola, cottonseed, and safflower oil in a model system that simulated deep frying conditions. By weight, rice bran has 17% oil content. After the refining process, the refined rice bran oil weighs only 12% of the rice bran raw material.

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3D Video Rice Bran Oil Production Line(including Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Section , Rice Bran Extrusion Section , Rice Bran Oil Extraction Section , Rice Bran Oil Refinery Section ).

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Rice bran oil is a kind of well being and nutrition oil that eponymous from the olive oil in Europe, Korea and other created countries for its higher nutritional worth, it could be utilized …