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In this Argan oil extraction method, the women sit armed with a base rock and a hand-held sharp stone to start over the extraction process. First of all, they crack each Argan fruit shell open in a very cumbersome, time- and effort-consuming process to reach the Argan oil-rich kernels.

The Tradition Behind the Extraction of Argan Oil

The Tradition Behind the Extraction of Argan Oil. January 30, 2013 by Mildred. Argan oil, the world's most expensive oil, was dated back centuries ago. It started when the Berbers found a way to extract and use the argan oil. … This is the last stage of the process. The oil is filtered …

Argan oil – Methods of production –

The traditional way of Argan oil extraction. The traditional way of Argan oil extraction, which we have already described earlier under the heading "production", is apt to bring about fine, high-quality oils.It is based on skills and long term experiences of Moroccans, who still keep passing on their knowledge from one generation to the next.

Traditional Mill For Extraction Of