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This method effectively extracts the oil from the beans and only 1,5% residual oil can be found in the soybean meal. The second method consists in mechanical extraction of the soybean flakes with a screw press to extract oil, without using any solvent. This method produces less oil and a high fat soybean meal.

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Copra Oil Expeller for Sale, Coconut Oil Press Machine. Copra oil expeller is a continuous oil press machine for once pressing of copra or the second pressing of pre-pressed copra cake in the coconut oil production line to obtain coconut oil. Screw Oil Extraction Coconut Oil Press Screw Copra . Copra Oil Expeller for Sale, Coconut Oil Press

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With the establishment of jatropha as potential feedstock, development of cheap and economical methods of extraction of the oil from the seeds is needs. A small-scale mechanical expeller for jatropha seeds was designed and fabricated based on the need of an expeller for rual application.